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bitfields – text parser

an example how to use the text parser and a couple of other actors to retrieve bit values out of a decimal value

used to decode a response showing the installed modules of an analog way seamless switcher

the logical calculators are deconstructing (filtering with a & function and bit shifting) the 16bit value into two bytes  the text formatter is forming the equivalent ascii codes which are finally processed by the text parser

giving the value directly (through a number to text actor) into the text parser ends in errors as  each digit of the value is transformed into the proper ascii character and the relation is lost.

for example

a value of 443 is represented by the hex 01 BB, transformed through the number to text actor gives  a  hex 34 34 33

bitwise textparser

and the izzy patch bitfields_decoding

more on isadora manual  / page 189

testing tcp connections

if you need to check your output and parsing of the tcp actors, an easy way to accomplish this with osx is a small terminal session using nc just type

nc -l 12000

and you can connect to your terminal session at port 12000

message_return terminal message received

isadora – text formatter <-> text parser

pars-format formatparse

Using a text parser / formatter combination to let multiple values flow through one wire. Extreme useful if you need to connect actors in multiple macro patches.

As the Actors having an intelligent way to save cpu cycles they don’t send or parse the same text string ones done. So if you need to send the same values again through the wire , you should add a port and use a changing value as a refresh signal like done heretoggle_2format