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If we dance in two places in the world at the same time, do we share the same space despite the distance? In this further development of the project We shall dance through the distance, Anita Twarowska (PL/DE) and Murillo Basso (BR) invite the video artists Oscar Loeser & Clemens Kowalski (DE) and Aline Santini (BR) to create in a pop up store in Potsdam-West an installation from the material of the first project phase.

The installations took place simultaneously in São Paulo and Potsdam and have been the stage for four live improvisations during the 10 days exhibition. (30.11 -10.12.2021)

Idee/Performance: Anita Twarowska & Murillo Basso

Visual Artists (Potsdam/São Paulo): AVK4 (Oscar Loeser & Clemens Kowalski) / Aline Santini
Videokamera: Ian Iordanu, Nina Cavalcanti.
Streaming Operator: Zizolino
Produktion: Toró de Ideias Produções Artísticas (Murillo Basso)
Unterstützung & Koproduktion: fabrik Potsdam (DE) & Goethe Institut São Paulo (BR)
Unterstützung: Oficinas Culturais

Architektur einer Linie

Happy to be part of this production with our longterm relationship company Riki von Falken

Streamingmitschnitt von den Uferstudios Februar 2020:

Ralf Grüneberg , Riki von Falken & Oscar Loeser (v.l.n.r.)
Ralf Grüneberg , Riki von Falken & Oscar Loeser (v.l.n.r.)
Riki von Falken
Oscar Loeser
Riki von Falken (l) & Oscar Loeser (r)