AVK4 at Pottporus Festival

as the last years KHAUS event organized by POTTPORUS gave  birth to AVK4, we are delighted to premiere our first interactive installation at this years festival: http://www.pottporus.de/festival

Do 06.11.2014 // 18.45 at Flottmannhallen Herne

Fr 07.11.2014 // 19.15 at Flottmannhallen Herne




an interactive Videoinstallation

urban geometry
The city is subject of the installation.
It‘s appearance, citizens and movements.
A visual interpretation.


Foam and swarm both regarded as
particles. Particles in the eye of a
microscope.  Foam of soap. Swarm formed
from fishes. We can examine buildings and
movement in a city like foam and swarms*.
We project two different kind of images:
abstract digitally generated images
representing foam and swarm
and concrete images of urban areas